NL-Africa Tax Desk newsletter – May 2022

31 mei 2022

Dear reader,

The aim of this newsletter is to give you an easy-to-read overview of the latest tax updates related to Africa.

This month’s NL-Africa Tax Desk newsletter includes an update on the termination of the reduced 7.5% withholding tax rate on dividends, interest and royalties in Nigeria. Effective from 1 July 2022, the applicable withholding tax rates will be the rates specified in the relevant domestic tax laws (in most cases 10%), except where such rates exceed the maximum rate provided in the respective double tax treaties.

If you would like to know more about the matters addressed in this newsletter or have any feedback, you are welcome to contact Sebastiaan Paling (Head of the NL-Africa Tax Desk). Please visit our website for more information on the NL-Africa Tax Desk and the services we offer or to download our factsheet.

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NL-Africa Tax Desk team
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