BEPS 2.0 – Update Pillar Two developments

Friday, 22 April 2022 | 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM CET

Please join our monthly Pillar Two webcast. The webcast will take place on Friday, 22 April 2022 between 4:00 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. CET.

We will focus during this webcast on the latest developments on Pillar Two, including:

  • The latest insights on the political landscape in the US, whereby we will discuss amongst others the tax proposals in the recent publication of the “Green Book” (General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2023 Revenue Proposals);
  • An update on the developments in the EU, where on 5 April another ECOFIN meeting will be hosted to discuss the latest compromise text on the EU Directive; and
  • A further deep dive into the Commentary on the Pillar 2 GloBE Rules, closing with a number of practical examples on the GloBE Rules.

Interview ABN AMRO Bank
In this session Jos Beerepoot, Head of Tax at ABN AMRO Bank, will share his thoughts on Pillar Two and the dynamic for Financial Service MNE’s.

NOB PE hours
The webinar meets the conditions for granting 1 NOB PE hour. If you took part in the webcast, you can register this time with the NOB.

Monthly sessions
The coming months we’ll organise more sessions about BEPS 2.0.  
For more information and to register for future webcasts, please click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next webcasts.



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