2022 KPMG GLOBAL E-invoicing and Digital Reporting Virtual Symposium

29 March 2022


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Developments in e-invoicing and digital reporting around the world continue to occur at breakneck speed. New technology requirements and system integrations are being imposed on businesses at regular intervals. Tax administrations are striving for greater visibility over transactional level data. These changes are transforming tax compliance processes and disrupting the way taxpayers interact among themselves, with their customers, related parties, and with the government.

Businesses increasingly need to adopt a proactive approach to these changes with a defined tax technology strategy that includes having an e-invoicing and digital reporting implementation plan. To support you on this journey, please join us for the 2022 KPMG Global E-invoicing and Digital Reporting Virtual Symposium where we will hear from leading industry and KPMG experts in areas such as:

—    the broader context for e-invoicing and digital reporting, including the related benefits and challenges businesses may face
—    the key issues businesses are raising around e-invoicing
—    common e-invoicing models, regulatory developments and challenges in the Asia Pacific, EMA/ UK, LATAM and GCC regions
—    first-hand experiences with e-invoicing implementation and lessons learned

Following the Symposium, we will provide a certificate of attendance letter to eligible attendees that you may use to apply for CPE (or equivalent) credit.

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