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Tax Technology staat voor het gebruik van technologie in de belastingfunctie. Bekijk hier nieuws en artikelen over dit thema.

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Getting tax data right with compliance by design

Many tax teams spend the bulk of their time dealing with tax data — finding it, correcting it, reconciling it and formatting it for tax reporting and other compliance needs. But processes like these are under rising pressure as tax authorities demand more tax data, in greater detail, and ever closer to real time.

Now, advancing technologies offer tax teams opportunities take a powerful new approach to their tax data. With compliance by design, organizations can ensure their systems and data management solutions deliver tax data that’s right the first time.

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Article: The hidden engine for future-proofing tax management

In order to stay tax compliant and capture tax opportunities in an increasing digital society, instant access to good quality tax data is essential. In this article our specialists: Alexander Zegers and René Duijkers are outlining how a future-proof tax data management solution looks like and what elements needs to be considered to develop this.

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Blueprints on Pillar One and Pillar Two: Is your compliance process ready for global digital taxation?

Earlier this month we took note of the announcement of the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework for their Blueprints of Pillar One and Pillar Two as we were curious to see what this would entail. Another initiative with a clear message that a central and unified global compliance process will become more crucial than ever.

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The new EU Tax Package: an (over)ambitious plan?

Last week the European Commission announced its first steps towards a new EU Tax Package, with already quite some attention towards tax compliance formalities.

“It was great to see that the emphasis on tax compliance is an integral part of this package. The EU seems to acknowledge the impact on the EU compliance position of European multinationals from the start” states Frank Metsemakers, Senior Tax Manager Global Compliance, in his blog.

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Operational Transfer Pricing: automation can bring you closer

OTP is the management of transfer pricing data, processes and governance using technology. An effective OTP program aligns transfer pricing requirements with commercial goals.
This article explores why OTP is now attracting renewed attention, it dispels common misconceptions about OTP and highlights its potential benefits.

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Interview met Unilever over de toekomst van belastingen

In het nieuwe KPMG RAAD Magazine is Loek Helderman, partner van KPMG Meijburg & Co, in gesprek met de CFO en EVP Global Tax & Treasury van Unilever over de (toekomstige) veranderingen in de belastingfunctie.

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Laat u geld liggen op basis van Tax Equalization? – Tax Technology biedt inzicht!

In de wereld van grensoverschrijdende arbeid is een zogeheten tax equalization afspraak een gebruikelijke afspraak tussen werkgever en werknemer. Op basis van deze afspraak betaalt een werknemer gedurende de uitzending niet meer of minder belasting, dan de verschuldigde belasting wanneer deze in zijn of haar thuisland was blijven wonen of werken. 


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Video: technology in tax departments

Bekijk hoe KPMG Meijburg & Co deze ontwikkeling inzet ten behoeve van haar klanten.

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