Roundtable tax and compliance consequences on the Norwegian continental shelf


When a foreign company operates on the Norwegian continental shelf, various compliance requirements arise and the company might be confronted with tax consequences.

Where offshore related services exceed a total of thirty days within a 12-month period, this will normally lead to creation of a permanent establishment and allow Norway to tax the profit attributable to such. Where the offshore presence of an individual exceed 30 days within a 12-month period, this will allow Norway to tax the Norwegian source employment income.

This is well-known within the industry, however many foreign companies are not aware of that Norwegian compliance requirements should be fulfilled, even if the foreign Company or individual is Tax Treaty Protected as described above. 

We as Meijburg’s Shipping & Offshore market group therefore would like to welcome you to a roundtable on Friday, November 1, 2019 with our special guest from KPMG Norway; Torstein Jansen-Vistnes. The roundtable will take place at our office in Rotterdam.

Special guest

Torstein spent five years with the Norwegian Tax Authorities and two years with the Norwegian Social Security Administration, before joining KPMG six years ago. By combining more than 12 years of experience from public and private sector with in-depth Shipping and offshore business knowledge, he can quickly identify practical challenges and tailor pragmatic solutions.


During the roundtable Torstein will share his practical experiences from dealing with Norwegian Compliance requirements and in particular the Norwegian tax reporting scheme. Hereunder he will offer insights on the effect of various approaches for the Company, the Employer and the Individual. Naturally, if you have specific challenges these can be discussed as well.

The roundtable is furthermore  an opportunity for you to meet a select group of participants from the sector with whom you can share your experiences and exchange information.

Practical information

The roundtable is free-of-charge and will be in English, however questions may be asked in Dutch. Depending on the number of registrations, more sessions may be held.


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